Airnow 6

Our Strategic Objectives

The method behind the numbers

We're aiming to cement Airnow's position as a leading name within the mobile app industry through a set of eight strategic objectives.

Eight Steps to a Successful Growth Strategy

We're continuing to acquire and integrate new products, expanding our global coverage with partners in strategic locations

Airnow 120x120 acquisition

Increase Downloads

Provide an integrated mobile strategy solution for companies to increase both their app downloads and revenues.

Airnow 120x120 flexible

Grow Users

Rapidly grow free users and to convert those free users into paying users in order to build critical mass.

Airnow 120x120 strategic partnership

Become Leaders

Use our advantage as pioneers and first-movers to establish Airnow as the leading app management solution in this space.

Airnow 120x120 directed

Give Back

Repay our shareholders for their confidence, trust and belief in the Airnow proposition by generating value on their behalf.

Airnow 120x120 organic growth

Develop and Grow

Grow the business by broadening the licensed user base through product development, targeted sales campaigns and partnerships.

Airnow 120x120 curated

Generate Revenue

Generate revenue from our diverse client base and mix of organizations that benefit from Airnow's full-service offering.

Airnow 120x120 integrated

Integrate Services

Establish Airnow as a profitable end-to-end service for analyzing, distributing monetizing and securing our client's apps.

Airnow 120x120 frictionless

Keep Pace

Address the growing market demand for mobile apps by staying one step ahead of the latest developments within the industry.