A Combined Solution for App Management

Airnow’s stack of bespoke mobile application solutions help developers from across the globe to analyse, distribute, secure and monetise their apps.

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Airnow’s mobile intelligence stack tracks over 3.5 billion devices each day.

App developers can use this data to benchmark, research and track performance against key competitors and optimise performance using our powerful tools that work even better together:

App Intelligence

Quantitative and Qualitative insights on over 4 million apps

Market Intelligence

Comprehensive market and publisher data spanning 60 international markets

Keyword Intelligence

Powerful tools for planning and managing a lasting App Store optimisation strategy

Airnow’s mobile app management and distribution platform can access over 250 million devices through its OTA firmware updater.

App developers can utilise Airnow Distribution to access 50 of the world’s leading app stores, and join the ranks of over 400,000 apps currently managed through the platform. The Airnow Distribution solution can:

Increase App Reach

Publish an app to 50 app stores automatically

Centralise App Management

Efficiently manage all app instances across all app stores

Granular Performance Monitoring

Detailed app performance analytics

Airnow’s app security solution protects global app developers against malicious attacks.

Through a combination of consultancy, training, testing and countermeasures, Airnow Security uses its years of experience to combat and protect against security threats in a simple, achievable fashion. Key services include:

Mobile App Pen Testing

Detect vulnerabilities and malware across multiple OS and devices

Simulated Cyber Attack

Highlight weaknesses through a controlled real-world test


Ensure your data is secure and reduce your business’ exposure to GDPR-related fines

Airnow’s monetisation solution drives revenue for over 400,000 apps globally.

With advertising revenue a key source of income for app developers, Airnow Monetisation uses its advanced targeting and optimisation capabilities to make attracting and providing value for advertisers easier.

Multiple Ad Formats

Creative formats to monetise the user both in and outside the app


Target opted-in users based on their app download history

Data Monetisation

Generate additional revenue without the use of ads

A Global Team

With bases across the globe - from Shanghai to the USA, Japan to London - we can help app developers no matter their location.


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